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"Perky Girl"
25 March
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I'm work'n on getting trim, lean, and sexy cause I'm in the mood to kick a little ass...in the outdoors. :)

80's music, adventures, artichokes, astronomy, autumn, back scratches, backpacking, backrubs, bagels, barenaked ladies, bbq, beaches, belgian waffles, biking, billiards, black lights, bowling, british humor, bubbles, bunnies, burly mountain men, butterflies, camping, candlelight, candles, card games, changing the world, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate mochas, cobalt blue, common sense, compassion, computers, cookie dough, creativity, cuddling, curry, design, destiny, diversity, dreams, drew barrymore, electronic gadgets, enigma, environmentalism, flirting, freedom, friends, garlic, geckos, geeks, geocaching, graphic design, guinea pigs, guitars, hand-blown glass, happiness, hiking, honesty, hot tubs, hugs, ice cream, incense, indian cooking, intelligence, intimate dinners, italian, john cusack, kindness, landscape design, laughing, laughter, libertarianism, life, little fuzzy animals, love, massages, meeting new people, men who do laundry, monk, mountain biking, mountains, movies, moxy fruvous, mud, music, naked hippie people, natural hot springs, nature, nature photography, nutella, ocean breezes, ocean sunsets, open mindedness, openness, organic gardening, outdoors, photography, picnics, psychology, puzzles, raspberries, red dwarf, relaxing, road trips, rock climbing, romance, sand, sarcasm, sculpture, sea kayaking, sensuality, serendipity, shooting stars, silliness, sincerity, smiles, snowboarding, snuggles, sociology, spontaneity, spooning, stars, strawberries, sunsets, swimming, techno, thai food, the bay area, they might be giants, thunderstorms, tide pooling, traveling, trees, u2, uniqueness, urban design, velvet, volleyball, walking, wallace & gromit, waterfalls, weekends, whale watching, wildlife, wit, yoga, yosemite